FAVICON, What is it?


Digital Design

What is a Favicon? A favicon is the little logo that relates to the website. when you type in the url, you sometimes see it next to the url in the search box(That tiny image) depending on what browser you use. Its also known as a shortcut icon. This is my favicon, the way i did it was i went on studio code and started working with pixels ( RGB's) which what makes up the photos or images. At first i worked with small sizes of pixels only consisting the color black and white. Then i started getting into the bits that make up the color's Red,Green, and Blue.In this challenge we had to make our own icon thats 16x16 in which we use colors (RGB'S) to simulate them, therefore creating one. It wasnt hard to make but typeing up the hex. code for the colors were a bit diffcult to do since i didnt know what each code represents, what color.

the relaationship between a pixel and a bit is that the bit is the information that the pixel contains, the bit in RGB gives it the color like for example "100000000000", is FC0 which translates to yellow. Its thank to the ASCII that your able to understand this.